Advertising Guidelines

Last Updated: June 28, 2019

These Advertising Guidelines (these “Guidelines”) set forth certain standards that govern Novelty Magazines Inc.’s (“Novelty”, “we” or “us”) relationship with its advertising partners. In addition, these Guidelines describe the relationship between Novelty’s editorial and advertising content in an effort to be as transparent as possible to Novelty’s readers and advertisers.

These Guidelines will be revisited and updated from time to time and we are open to comments on how to better improve transparency.


The guidelines in the following section apply to all advertisements and sponsor content served by Novelty on its family of websites.

Novelty’s overarching policy is that it will not allow any relationship with an advertiser to compromise its editorial integrity. In addition, all advertising content will be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. All advertisements will be labeled with the word “Advertisement” when, in Novelty’s opinion, it is necessary to do so to make clear the distinction between editorial content and advertising content.

As set forth in Novelty’s terms and conditions with its advertisers, all of its advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines. While the content of advertising does not necessarily reflect the views of Novelty or its editors, if it comes to the attention of Novelty that an ad, in our discretion, contains false, disparaging, or unlawful content, Novelty will remove the ad from its website or websites.

Novelty evaluates whether to work with advertisers on a case-by-case basis. However, some examples of advertising Novelty will not accept are the following:

  • Advertising that Novelty believes, in its opinion, is indecent, vulgar, suggestive, profane, or offensive.
  • Advertising for illegal products, substances or services.
  • Advertising that Novelty determines to be hateful, violent, inflammatory or discriminatory against any individual, group, or organization.
  • Advertising that Novelty determines represents a personal attack against an individual, group, country, or organization.

All determinations of the application of the foregoing standards to particular advertisements or advertisers shall be within the sole discretion of Novelty’s business team. Novelty’s editors are not involved in deciding whether to accept or reject specific advertisers.

In accordance with its terms and conditions with advertisers, Novelty may remove advertising content at any time if such content is inconsistent with the policies described herein, with or without prior notice to the advertising client.


The guidelines in the following section shall apply to all Sponsor Content appearing in the Novelty family of websites. The following are in addition to the general guidelines for advertising content that appear above, which apply to Sponsor Content as well.

“Sponsor Content” is content created or commissioned by advertisers in collaboration with Novelty’s media team. Novelty allows Sponsor Content in two forms: (1) content produced by Novelty’s media team as commissioned by its advertising partners; and (2) content produced by advertisers.

As with all advertising, Sponsor Content does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Novelty or Novelty’s editors. Accordingly, Novelty will prominently display the following disclaimer on all Sponsor Content: ‘PAID POST.’ Novelty will include a disclaimer on all Sponsor Content that notes the involvement or non-involvement of Novelty’s editorial staff in curating or creating the Content and clarifies that the Content is made possible by a Sponsor. In addition, Novelty will ensure the treatment and design of advertisements and of Sponsor Content is clearly differentiated from its editorial content on Novelty’s websites.

Novelty will refuse publication of such content that, in its own judgment, would undermine the intellectual integrity, authority, and character of our enterprise.  In addition, as with all advertising, and consistent with the foregoing General Advertising Guidelines, Novelty may reject or remove any Sponsor Content at any time that contains false, deceptive, potentially misleading, or illegal content or is inconsistent with or may bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to Novelty.