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The 101 Network is a digital publishing platform that delivers a daily dose of knowledge. We believe in the power to inform and entertain. It debuted in 2018 with four verticals — History, Finance, Science, and Living — with a blueprint for rapidly expanding the vertical collection. Redefining what it means to learn, our vision takes unique audience-

targeting abilities and combines it with informative stories that have mass appeal. We are convinced that the most entertaining content comes from well-rounded experts and relentlessly seek new ways to innovate your academia intake. So you can stay knowledgeable on just about any subject.


We stay up late to uncover interesting topics that matter. Sift through our content to uncover ancient currencies, solve your tax conundrum, discover outer space, or find inner peace.


Learning and amusement should go together like wine and cheese. We deliver stories you didn’t know you wanted to learn about — the kind to skim over Sunday coffee or to get you prepped for an impromptu trivia night.


The universe is anything but boring, and we strive to live by the same motto. We keep one hand on the pulse of the 21st century and a quill in the other so we align the stars with the philosophers who wrote about them.

Steering the ship ...

Meet the team of marketers, makers, and creatives who run our digital publishing network.

Gal Yosef
CEO & Co-Founder
Ariel Soudak
Miki Rapoport
Chief Innovations Officer
Giuseppe Di Mauro
Chief Technology Officer
Jessica Patel
Executive Director of Content
Chris Kwok
Head of Partnerships
Tad Dooling
Director of Paid Media
Tracy Rojas
Director of Engineering
Yuri Donskoy
Data Scientist
Marques Edge
Head of Content, TieBreaker
Kelly Sandoval
Head of Content, Finance 101 and Living 101
Mark Thomas
Head of Content, Science 101 and Tiebreaker
Blake Bunch
Head of Content, History 101
Lara McCaffrey
Finance Writer
Sydney Baum-Haines
Science Writer
Taylor Brown
Science Writer
Matt Black
History Writer
Leslie Gonzalez
History Writer
Ryan Gunn
Media Manager, Native Accounts
Tiffany Green
Paid Media Content Lead
James Regan
Content Writer
Ben Daugherty
Product Manager
Izzak Brassea
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Randy Randazzo
Audience Development Manager, Facebook
Keala Schultz
Revenue Operations Manager
Predrag Novakovic
Audience Development Team Lead, Native
Brad Biederer
Audience Development Team Lead, Facebook
Jimmy Janszen
Audience Develoment Team Lead, Facebook
Brian Parchmann
Deputy Editor, Paid Media
TJ Forman
Content Optimization Specialist
Nathan Hueso
Content Writer
Kelly Larsen
Liz Vilchez
Digital Ad Operations Manager
Connor Howe
Content Writer
Eli Laskey
Content Writer
Kyle Brown
Senior Front End Engineer
Austin Quinn
Senior Dev Ops Engineer
Christy English
Compliance Manager
Taylor Christiansen
Audience Development Manager
Breana Schwarm
Project Manager
Emily Corkery
Content Writer
Kyle DeMarco
Audience Development Manager
Lia Vargas
Compliance Manager
Louis Schuler
Content Writer
Michael Mallow
Web Developer
Morgan Segura
Senior Web Developer
Kristian Konig
Audience Development Manager, Facebook
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